Saturday, 25 July 2015

Traits of High Quality Safety Shoes

Industrial safety is not just a personal concern of the worker but also of the large-scale professionals and industries. Market is segregated in various sections according to their work, and some work involves workers to carry out work in extreme conditions. For an example, working in steel production industry can be challenging, as the temperature in the furnace can be from 900 °C to 1300 °C. In steel and iron furnace, iron is molten at the furnace temperature of 1800 °C. Imagine how a worker is going to bear the temperature without right industrial safety products.

There are various types of body suits and Safety Shoes available in the market to be worn in the places where temperature is at its extreme. Among those products one of them is Industrial Safety Shoes, which are widely worn by the workers in slippery, acidic environment. Leather Safety Shoes Manufacturers have introduced a wide variety of products in this segment to meet the complex and comprehensive requirement of their clients. The safety shoes are designed to provide protection against chemical, fire, acid, oil, and others. 


Safety Shoes

When contacting Safety Shoes Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters make sure to discuss the traits of the products before investing on them. Here is a list of features you must checkout in the product:
  • Breathable lining
  • Collar (check kind of padding has been done. Some manufacturers provide foam padding for comfort)
  • Oil, acid, and slip resistant features
  • Outer sole (It must have double density but should be light-weight so that it does not hamper the movement and capability of the industrial workers)
  • Industrial standards (Make sure that each leather safety shoes that you buy has been designed as per the BIN and ES standards)
Various types of designs are available in the market. It includes high ankle length with stitched black lining from non-woven synthetic material. Padded tongue is provided which is generally made up of leather. Vamp lining should be of non-woven synthetic material or leather. Make sure that the safety shoes you buy have anti-static and anti-skid properties. These shoes should be ideal for the workers of construction, chemical and engineering industries. 
Ensure that Safety Shoes Exporters, Suppliers and Manufacturers provide you highly comfortable and quality-tested range of safety shoes, which does not hamper the movement of the workers and match their working conditions. Also, check out the sizes and design before buying.

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